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Here’s how we’ve helped

Storifying Hybrid Work For Telus

When the world returned to work, Telus helped make it work for them.

We’re so proud to collaborate with Telus business on a B2B integrated campaign promoting their hybrid work solutions. Together we created a 60 second hero video, 30, 15 and 6 second video ads, photography and social media content.

Telus, Branded Content, Brand Campaigns, Storytelling, Brand Storytelling

Bringing Winter Joy For CAA

In the darkest months of the year CAA brought a little light.

Winter joy was an integrated campaign featuring a combination of experiential giveaways and events underpinned by a documentary style web series and influencer content. CAA Winter Joy captured a reach of almost 800,000 and a staggering 3.5 Million impressions.

CAA, Branded Content, Brand Campaigns, Storytelling, Brand Storytelling

Helping COKO Protect The Public…

But first the public needs to know who they are. Enter us.

Together with the College Of Kinesiologists of Ontario, we educated the public with a six month campaign consisting of 8 videos, and over 30 pieces of social content. The result? Almost 2 million impressions, 6000 clicks to their site.

College Of Kinesiologists of Ontario, Branded Content, Brand Campaigns, Storytelling, Brand Storytelling

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